How To Sell More Effectively Using Benefits

Why do people buy drills?

To make holes, of course.

Easy, right?

Why should I do business with you right now?

Can you easily answer that question?

When I ask small business owners to tell me the advantages of doing business with them, I usually get a list of features.

Usually goes something like this:

  • We have more experience
  • We’ve been in business longer
  • Excellent customer service
  • Low prices

Boring stuff!

When it comes to selling your products and services more effectively, you need to help people see the benefits they’ll actually get from doing business with you.

What is the benefit of having more experience?  Perhaps it’s that the job will get done right the first time.

Selling Phones With Magic…

What’s the number one selling phone in the world right now?  That’d be the Apple iPhone.  Of course, if you’ve ever watched an iPhone commercial you’ll notice that they rarely ever go into the features of the phone.

For example, most iPhone users could tell you how big of a processor is in the machine or anything about the camera on it.   They don’t care how much RAM is in it.

They care about the experience.   They’re absolutely fanatical about it… features be damned – they’re just there to serve up the desired experience.

When Apple came out with Facetime, their video conferencing feature, they didn’t go into details about the camera resolution and how it worked over a wi-fi network or any of that…

They did this:

Sure beats the pants off a list of features, eh?

So… I’ll ask you again, why should I do business with you right now?

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Stop Begging For Scraps And Become The Big Dog In Your Market With Our Professional Search Engine Optimization Services…

If Your Website Isn’t On The First Page Of Google, Your Business May As Well Be Invisible

From The Desk of Gary Ruplinger


Did you know that when someone does a search using Google, 90% of them never make it past the first page?   That means that if your business doesn’t show up on the first page, you’re losing out on a lot of potential clients and customers.

Even worse is that those who do make it past the first page are often lower quality customers which means that your competitors are not only getting more leads and phone calls from their websites, they’re getting the best customers as well leaving you to take whatever scraps fall through the cracks.

And with newspaper circulations dwindling and with phone books (and the Yellow Pages in them) getting tossed out, can your business really afford not to be on that critical first page?

And while you might be thinking that you can just purchase ads via pay per click advertising programs, keep in mind that 85% of people searching tend to ignore all of the paid ads.

Perhaps that’s the reason why search engine optimization has one of the highest return on investments of any online advertising method.

A Little SEO Knowledge Can Be Dangerous

Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of people who have just a little bit of SEO knowledge.  The problem is that just a little knowledge can be more dangerous than having none at all because SEO done wrong can fatally wound your website in the eyes of search engines and it could take years to recover from it.  Yes, years!

On the other hand, I have 8 years experience in this industry which isn’t bad for an industry that didn’t even exist until 1995.  Heck, I’ve been teaching others how to do this stuff since 2006 – you can go on Youtube and check out some of my old videos if you like.

A lot of the information that other SEO consultants are teaching as new and innovative is information I was teaching back in 2007.

I’m not one to toot my own horn too loudly, but with thousands of first page listings under my belt, I’m well qualified to help your business get to the top too!

Getting On Page 1

Contrary to what you may have heard, you don’t need to hire a witch doctor, rain maker, or find your fairy godmother to rank well.

A true SEO expert can do the job just fine… and you won’t even need to worry about getting your head shrunk.  ;)

Let me tell you a story.  Several years ago when I was still in the sunglasses business, I was talking to a lady while waiting in line at the post office and we got to chatting about how I was generating customers for my business. I told her that my website ranked highly in Google for my key terms.

She said that I’m one of the lucky ones.   I just smiled… I wasn’t sure how to tell her that there’s really very little luck involved in getting good search engine rankings.

Unfortunately,  I still run into this same form of flawed thinking when I talk to business owners today.  They think that the website ranking for their key terms has someone been anointed the chosen one by Google.

Fortunately, for you, you don’t have to suffer the same fate.  Your business can be the one at the top of Google and your business can be the one making your competitors jealous.

If you’re ready to get started, call me at (414) 376-5545 and I’ll put together a custom quote for you.

To Better Rankings,

Gary Ruplinger

P.S.  Keep in mind that we can only work with one type of business per area so if you call and find that your market has already been taken, please don’t take it personally.

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Professional SEO Services -- Guaranteed Results

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Facebook Fanpages

Facebook has become the place to hang out online... but turning those 
people into customers can be a real challenge...

Finally, Professional Facebook Fanpages That Not Only Look Great, They Actually Bring In New Customers By The Truckload!

From the desk of Gary Ruplinger

By now you’ve no doubt heard all about Facebook from your family, friends, and colleagues.  It’s everywhere.

And while it’s a great place to connect with long lost friends and an easy way to stay in touch, using it to get customers can be a little trickier.

Facebook is an absolute juggernaut and is one of the fastest growing companies in history.  Consider these figures:

  • Now has over 800 million users
  • Average user spends 15hrs per month on the site
  • The average user visits 40 times per month
  • Facebook is the #2 website on the Internet (behind Google)

Of course, stats are just that -- stats.   You probably want to know what that actually means to you, the small business owner and how it’ll actually help you get more customers.

Here’s how:

  • Easy to run specials for your best customers
  • Get more word of mouth marketing
  • Get a better understanding of what your customers actually want
  • Expand your reach -- every person who “likes” your page helps you reach that person’s friends too!
The enhanced Facebook Fanpages we design are built specifically for the purpose of getting people to “like” your page.
If you still don’t have a presence on Facebook, we need to talk because you’re leaving a lot of money on the table -- give us a call at (414) 376-5545.
Even if you already have a Fanpage, if you’re not happy with its performance, get in touch and we’ll go over how we can help you grow your business using Facebook.
Have a fantastic day!
Gary Ruplinger
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Pay Per Click Management

Finally, a page about PPC Management without all the gratuitous gobbledygook and fancy pants jargon that nobody really understands anyway.
So let us set the record straight... in plain English

 Our Pay Per Click Services Will Help You Make More Money! Guaranteed!


From the desk of Gary Ruplinger

I don’t know about you, but when I read about the pay per click management services, they use so many doggone big words and fancy terminology that I have no idea what they’re actually trying to sell.


It makes me feel like I’m back in quantum mechanics class again… and I’m really not in a big hurry to go back to being dazed and confused again.


I’m not going to lie to you… creating profitable pay per click campaigns with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads isn’t as easy as the sales pitch makes it sound but it isn’t as hard as rocket science either… especially when you have professionals on your team.


Now I’m not going to try to sell you on the benefits of pay per click advertising.


If you’re reading this page, you’re probably well aware of the traffic, leads, and customers this kind of advertising can bring you.


Your biggest challenge is probably either finding the time to manage your campaigns OR how to use this type of advertising more profitably.


That’s where we come in.  


When you work with us, you’ll find that we’re not only able to lower your cost per click, but we’re able to INCREASE your conversion at the same time.


Simply stated, you get spend less money and get more customers!


Your Chance To Work With Me, Gary Ruplinger, Directly


While this will likely change in the future, when it comes to our Pay Per Click services, I personally manage them… not some outsourced assistant or intern… but me, the owner of the company.


If you’re interested in having handle your pay per click campaigns or if you’re looking for professional help getting started, just give us a call at (414) 376-5545 to get things started.


Have a fantastic (and profitable) day!


Gary Ruplinger