Pay Per Click Management

Finally, a page about PPC Management without all the gratuitous gobbledygook and fancy pants jargon that nobody really understands anyway.
So let us set the record straight... in plain English

 Our Pay Per Click Services Will Help You Make More Money! Guaranteed!


From the desk of Gary Ruplinger

I don’t know about you, but when I read about the pay per click management services, they use so many doggone big words and fancy terminology that I have no idea what they’re actually trying to sell.


It makes me feel like I’m back in quantum mechanics class again… and I’m really not in a big hurry to go back to being dazed and confused again.


I’m not going to lie to you… creating profitable pay per click campaigns with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads isn’t as easy as the sales pitch makes it sound but it isn’t as hard as rocket science either… especially when you have professionals on your team.


Now I’m not going to try to sell you on the benefits of pay per click advertising.


If you’re reading this page, you’re probably well aware of the traffic, leads, and customers this kind of advertising can bring you.


Your biggest challenge is probably either finding the time to manage your campaigns OR how to use this type of advertising more profitably.


That’s where we come in.  


When you work with us, you’ll find that we’re not only able to lower your cost per click, but we’re able to INCREASE your conversion at the same time.


Simply stated, you get spend less money and get more customers!


Your Chance To Work With Me, Gary Ruplinger, Directly


While this will likely change in the future, when it comes to our Pay Per Click services, I personally manage them… not some outsourced assistant or intern… but me, the owner of the company.


If you’re interested in having handle your pay per click campaigns or if you’re looking for professional help getting started, just give us a call at (414) 376-5545 to get things started.


Have a fantastic (and profitable) day!


Gary Ruplinger








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