Website Repair – Is Your Website Broken?

Is Your Website Hemorrhaging Money?

We’ll help you take your broken, outdated, cumbersome website and turn it into a lean mean, lead generating machine!

While most small business owners have taken the step of having a website built, many of them end up being neglected and instead of being beautiful garden full of prospects and leads, turn into desert wastelands that make anyone who visits the site immediately click the back button… never to be seen again.

Think of it this way.  If you had a broken window at your store or office, you’d fix it, right?  Of course you would, it’d be embarrassing for you if a potential client saw your place of business in such disrepair!

Your website is no different.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across websites that were great looking when they were built but became dated and stale over the years simply because managing the website was a huge chore to update.

Websites That Easy To Update and Manage

While your clients will never see it, you’ll be able to appreciate how easy it is to make changes to your website with our content management system.  Even if you’re not tech savvy, it’s no problem.  If you have enough computer skills to navigate this website, you’ll be able to make simple changes and add content to your website anytime you like without having to call us.

That Expensive Great Looking Website You Have Could Be Hurting Your Sales

Look, I like a great looking, artistic web design as much as the next guy, maybe more.  I’m also the first one to tell you that they’re often going to perform poorly from a lead generation and sales point of view.

I know because I’m often the guy small business owners bring in to fix them!

The truth of the matter is that there are certain design guidelines you want your website to follow in order for it to be easy for your prospects to use.

Remember one of the commandments of sales and marketing: a confused mind never buys.  

Make sure your website is easy to use even if what you end up isn’t quite as “pretty” as it was before.

Note:  This only applies to business owners who actually want to generate leads or make sales from their websites.  If your website is only used as a way for people to learn about your business and you do all of your marketing via other methods, then you can use any design you like.

8 Errors That Could Be Hurting Your Website’s Effectiveness

  1. Phone Number Is Hard To Find.  Is your phone number above the fold?  Take a quick look at your website – is your phone number prominently displayed or do you have to scroll down the screen to find it… or worse, do you have to click on a “contact us” button?
  2. Out of Date Copyright.  Look at the very bottom of your page.  Is your copyright info up to date?  If not, keep in mind that it could keep a prospect from calling because they might think you’re no longer in business especially if it’s more than a year or two out of date.
  3. No About Page.  If you track pageviews like we do, you’ll find that the “about us” page get a lot of views.  People want to learn about the history of the company AND the people who run it.  This is your chance to show you’re a real company with real people.  Tell your story.    Oh, and make sure your phone number is on this page as well.
  4. No Call To Action.  Billions, yes billions, of dollars are lost each year due to people not knowing what to do next after seeing an advertisement.  Your website is no different.  If you want someone to give you a call after reading about your services, say so.  If you want them to click the “add to cart” button after reading the product description, say so.  Tell people exactly what you want them to do next, don’t assume they know.  Remember that old saying about what happens when you assume something…   and to prove a point, I won’t assume you know that saying is, “when you assume something you make an ass out of you and me.”
  5. Services Or Products All On The Same Page.  Every product or service you offer needs it own page.  Give it a chance to sign.  Too often I see small businesses listing all the services they offer on one page (which is fine) with nary a page to learn more about each of those in detail (which is not so fine).
  6. Not Mobile Friendly.  Have you taken the time to see what your website looks like when viewed on a smartphone?  More smartphones are sold each day than computers.  That means more and more of your potential customers are viewing your website from their smartphones.  Make sure your website is usable on a smartphone, not just when viewed from a computer.
  7. Incorrect Title Tags.  If you’ve ever dabbled in web design or SEO yourself, you know what title tags are.  However, for the non geeks out there, the title tag is exactly what it says – the title of each individual page on your website.  A good title tag describes the product or service being offered and if you’re a local business, also includes the city or geographic region where you do business.   Make sure you use it (or tell the person who maintains your website to do so).
  8. Spelling Errors.  I’m not going to tell you that you must use perfect grammar or sentence structure or even that you can’t use fragments.  One thing you must do, however, is make sure that you avoid spelling errors and typos especially if you’re in an “attention” to detail type of business.  Careless mistakes on your website can have your prospect wondering if you’re going to be careless working with them as well.  Have someone proofread everything that goes on your website (or at least push F7 and run spell-check).
Need a professional to take a look at your website?  We’ll be happy to do an in depth website repair analysis for you and tell you what problems we found and how to fix them.


Give us a call at (414) 376-5545 to get started.  Note: this is a call to action – see how easy this is :)