Facebook Fanpages

Facebook has become the place to hang out online... but turning those 
people into customers can be a real challenge...

Finally, Professional Facebook Fanpages That Not Only Look Great, They Actually Bring In New Customers By The Truckload!

From the desk of Gary Ruplinger

By now you’ve no doubt heard all about Facebook from your family, friends, and colleagues.  It’s everywhere.

And while it’s a great place to connect with long lost friends and an easy way to stay in touch, using it to get customers can be a little trickier.

Facebook is an absolute juggernaut and is one of the fastest growing companies in history.  Consider these figures:

  • Now has over 800 million users
  • Average user spends 15hrs per month on the site
  • The average user visits 40 times per month
  • Facebook is the #2 website on the Internet (behind Google)

Of course, stats are just that -- stats.   You probably want to know what that actually means to you, the small business owner and how it’ll actually help you get more customers.

Here’s how:

  • Easy to run specials for your best customers
  • Get more word of mouth marketing
  • Get a better understanding of what your customers actually want
  • Expand your reach -- every person who “likes” your page helps you reach that person’s friends too!
The enhanced Facebook Fanpages we design are built specifically for the purpose of getting people to “like” your page.
If you still don’t have a presence on Facebook, we need to talk because you’re leaving a lot of money on the table -- give us a call at (414) 376-5545.
Even if you already have a Fanpage, if you’re not happy with its performance, get in touch and we’ll go over how we can help you grow your business using Facebook.
Have a fantastic day!
Gary Ruplinger
(414) 376-5545